hyde park poetry thursday poets rally week 103…


Catching Waves in a Moonlit Moscow Harbor

a small expression by Rusty Patmos T-Boone,

which is sweet

A Walk Around Nutrition Factors Project Number One

pat mather gordon brown-ceton, which is a great write

on poets rally development and blaga, olivia jamie dedes, they are cool poets,


tom, lulu.com, it is great

international poetry month in april, international nutrition month in hyde park poetry week 95



example by Sir Thomas Wyatt

I find no peace, and all my war is done
I fear and hope, I burn and freeze like ice,
I flee above the wind, yet can I not arise;

example of poetry form in Oxymoron and Paradox


I hear a war, and peaceful mind no more

i sense darkness and rejection, sweet voice goes raw

I hide inside a paint brush, yet can i not see white in black?

poetry form week 31, free verse



once a grass root is adopted


the winter is long and icy, our roadway often is filled with wet ponds, tge lawn is dry,

all grass are in preparation of spring, once march air hits, once all cattles are set in mountain Everest, once the school finishes its break, the air turns warmer, some life

comes in, it is in an overnight change: green and leafy weed, fresh twigs with tender being, no birds sing, no angry human being, but silent growth, the lovely cherry tree..

short story slam week 129, humor week 26, poetry and story inn fridays week 57


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delta airline, an easy way to dream




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we do enjoy reading

we do enjoy writing

as the season shifts

we do pay attention to cold weather


turn on the heat

have your kitchen sink run hot water for 15 minutes

flash your toilet often

wear coat, place your car in a garage, and  walk with care

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he aiqun

Bristo Palin

bristol palin



a room temperature shall not below 68



tang yuan.jpg

hot tang yuan


joanne rooster carlendar 2019  a rooster is good for a reminder of getting up